Post Discharge Adverse Events Database

This is a database I built from a collection of loose data that was collected by several different methods. My role in this project was to do the data management and to get the data in a clean and usable state for analysis. The team had to go through a data quality check to double check all prior data entry, and I built forms for the team to be able to review the data in a more user friendly format that was consistent with the paper forms they originally used to gather the information. This database was built using the data collected through the study, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital medical records, geocode data, and third party Florida physician data.

Post-Discharge Adverse Events Among Urban and Rural Patients of an Urban Community Hospital: A Prospective Cohort Study

Data Use Agreement Database

This is a prototype of an application I built to help a research principal investigator (PI) keep track of grant data use agreements (DUA) they have in order to properly renenew and manage them as necessary. Originally this was being tracked in Excel, and I was able to build this to help organize the information into a cleaner format. The idea behind the design is to allow multiple users to be able to access the same information so that more than one PI can use the program, but they all can still be able to save their information to the same database.